AirClima offers a comprehensive repair and maintenance service (ordinary and extraordinary) on any kind of air conditioning system, as well as perform sanitization and control of cooling circuits with a declaration of compliance with the statutory ex DM 37/2008 46/90, adjustments of air conditioning as EC Regulation No. 842/2006 Presidential Decree 43/2012 and provide new booklets and fill air conditioning systems DPR 74/2013 with its inspection report for energy efficiency.
We can provide complete service and maintenance for any technical problem related to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Thanks to our team of professional technicians, we guarantee ongoing support and maintenance services for air conditioners and air conditioners by Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and any other brand, declining our offer through:
  • High technical competence
  • Quickness in the formulation and submission of estimates
  • Total transparency and seriousness in contracting
  • Short time of technical intervention
  • Specific, safe and certified interventions
  • Availability of original spare parts
  • Sale of spare parts and original or compatible filters
Check for genuine parts.

Our technical team will take care of your air conditioning system, guaranteeing its optimal functioning over time, so that it can give even more comfort to your home, your shop or your company.

Some of our services, provided by our highly qualified staff, can be summarized in the activities of installation, uninstallation, assembly, disassembly, testing, transport, disposal and scrapping for all brands and models of air conditioners and fixed air conditioners (mono split, dual split, trial split , quadri split, penta split, multi split), wall air conditioners, ducted air conditioners, floor air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners and concealed air conditioners (for example, through the innovative Ala Split system by Mitsubishi Electric).

Ordinary Maintenance

Our regular maintenance service includes:
  • Check and clean of the the indoor unit heat exchanger
  • Checking and cleaning of the fan for indoor unit
  • Sanitation of the indoor unit
  • Checking of the condensate drain
  • Check and clean of the outdoor unit exchanger
  • Checking and cleaning of the fan for outdoor unit
  • Check of internal and external electronics
  • Control of the exercise pressure for refrigerant circuit
  • Securing control of the outdoor unit
  • Isolation control for refrigerant pipes
  • Control of electrical input and energy saving
  • Noise pollution control

We also offer the possibility to enter into maintenance contracts that guarantee the prevention of periodic failures (due to lack of maintenance and that often cause costly damage) and that will ensure a more efficient, hygienic and safe air conditioning.

Contact us for more information on premium maintenance contract with AirClima.