Infrared heating is a new system that allows you to heat without dissipating heat.

The irradiation is a particular form of energy transmission by means of electromagnetic waves (infrared rays) that is transformed into heat in contact with any type of body.
Waves travel at the speed of light, they do not heat the air - thus volumes - but only surfaces. This operating principle enables to achieve important economies of consumption and to obtain comfort conditions of the working environment extremely congenial to those required by the human body.

Infrared energy is a form of energy that, in contrast to other forms of energy, uses the surrounding air as the transmission medium.
The radiant and infrared elements consequently heat less than 20% of the surrounding air and over 80% of the objects. The great advantage of this method consists in that the heat penetrates in a deep level in the body, so that you can have an ideal temperature and great health benefits.


Radiant heaters are made with various decorative designs that adapt to the different needs of furniture in the environments.

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The sun gets its energy from infrared rays contained in its nucleus. Instead of UV rays, infrared rays are beneficial for health.

Infrared rays have nothing to do with ultraviolet rays that cause burns and skin damages.

Infrared waves are a form of energy that can heat objects without heating the surrounding air at the same time. The thermal infrared radiation is used for many years in the therapy and medicine field and can be classified as an absolutely safe and reliable method.

Infrared heat has several application areas and can have a positive influence on different types of disease: high blood pressure, low blood pressure, circulatory disorders, impaired renal function, detoxification, stress, throat, nose and ears disorders, swishing in ears, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis, skin diseases, muscle strain, bronchitis, asthma, colds, menstrual pain, lumbago, back pain, sciatica, sleeplessness, sunburn, digestive disorders, sprains, exhaustion, stiffness, pneumonia, abdominal pain. Radiant heat has the power to relieve muscle tension and eliminate them. With less muscle tension, pain subside.

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